Closing the Gap: Foundational Skills Tools and Resources Based on the Science of Reading

These Complete Classroom Packages incorporate the latest research on foundational skills, which are critical to ensure young students’ success as developing readers and writers. 

Schoolwide’s Foundational Skills Complete Classroom Packages are rooted in the latest scientific research on how students become proficient independent readers and writers. These resources incorporate the best instructional practices to positively impact literacy development. 

Research shows:  

Bring Schoolwide’s research-proven materials into your classrooms today! 


Complete Classroom Packages  
Pricing: $255.60 – $352.36
Complete Classroom Packages Include: 

  • Teacher’s Guides with daily lessons, shared texts, and student-facing resources and activities. 
  • Classroom collections of high-quality and engaging books.  

Optional Add-On: Individual Student Workbooks  
Pricing per workbook: $9.99 – $11.99 
Student Workbooks Include: 

  • Individual copies of all shared texts and student-facing resources and activities. This consumable item eliminates the need for any photocopying and/or printing of student-facing materials.   

Watch this video clip to learn the stages of phonological awareness.

Watch this video clip on identifying letters and print concepts.

Watch this video clip about phonics and word recognition.