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For over 20 years, Schoolwide has served as a leading creator and provider of educational products and services. From humble beginnings, and inspired by a desire to put new children's books into the hands and homes of disadvantaged children, Schoolwide has stayed true to its central mission to improve students' reading, writing, and learning.

Schoolwide Digital Publishing connects students, educators, and parents to a wide range of authors and writers, from talented newcomers to established favorites. Our offerings encompass high-quality works in the genres of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, including but not limited to personal narrative and memoir, historical fiction, fairy tales, folktales, essays, narrative nonfiction, biographies, articles, and short stories. After two decades we are as committed as ever to our central mission and are primed to meet the needs of the educational community in the digital era.

Schoolwide is accepting unsolicited submissions of books and short texts in designated genres and subject areas for its Web-based library, Zing. Zing's primary audience is students in grades K-8 (ages 5-14), as well as their teachers and parents.

Of current interest are complete manuscripts in the following areas:
  • Picture Books: Only picture books with illustrations available in digital form, from an experienced illustrator, will be considered.
  • Fiction (books and short stories)
    • While we are an educational publisher, we are not seeking moralistic or lesson-driven stories. We are looking for fiction that has a strong plot with a central conflict or problem, characters young readers can identify with, and a high-quality writing style.
    • Adventure fiction: grades K-1 and 4-5
    • Early chapter books: grades 1-2
    • Historical fiction: grades 2-3
    • Fantasy fiction: grades 4-5; short stories only for grades 6-8
    • Science fiction: grades 4-5 and 6-8
    • Contemporary fiction: grades 6-8
    • First-person narrative fiction (diaries, journals, memoirs): grades K-8
    • Contemporary multicultural fiction where ethnicity plays an important role in the story. We are especially interested in increasing the diversity of our authorship: all grades
    • Reluctant reader/hi-lo: grades 4-8
  • Nonfiction (books and articles)
    • Articles should be well-focused on subjects of interest to a young audience and be strong selections for use in the classroom. Add-ons, such as sidebars on related topics, reading lists, and photographs or other visuals, are a plus.
    • Literary or narrative nonfiction on contemporary topics: all grades
    • Narrative procedure (how-to), such as activities and crafts: all grades
    • Biography, especially about historical figures: all grades
    • Essays and opinion pieces (short texts only): grades 2-3, 4-5, and 6-8
    • Math articles with high-interest topics about the application math to daily life, including money and economics (no textbooks): all grades
    • Arts and culture, including profiles of artists: all grades
    • Geography and maps: all grades
    • Technology and engineering: all grades
    • United States history on the following topics:
      • Expansion of the United States, from colonial times through the twentieth century: grades 4-5 and 6-8
      • Immigration and the immigrant experience from the 1800s to the present: grades 4-5 and 6-8
      • Patterns of work and industrialization from the 1800s to the present: grades 4-5
      • American government: grades 2-3, 4-5, and 6-8
      • American history from the Cold War to the present: grades 6-8
    • World history on the following topics:
      • European Middle Ages and Renaissance: all grades
      • The Islamic world: all grades
      • Periods and people in Asian, African, and Latin American history: all grades
    • Science in the following subject areas:
      • Biology, especially human biology (genetics, cells, the brain, the human body, plant structures and processes, etc.): all grades
      • Physics and chemistry (forces and interactions, matter and energy, discoveries in science, etc.): all grades
      • Earth science (geology, bodies of water, rocks and fossils, history of Earth, etc.): all grades
      • We are not currently accepting generalized nonfiction about animals.

Rights and Payment
Authors and illustrators must own rights to their original work for submissions. Schoolwide licenses first, second, and reprint rights for publication in Zing, our digital library, for a period of five years under a royalty arrangement. In certain instances, Schoolwide may also offer a print arrangement.

Royalties are determined by the number of "views" of each title in Zing. For illustrated titles, authors and illustrators do not split royalties but receive full credit for each "view."

How to Submit
Authors already published by Schoolwide : Either submit a complete manuscript as described below, or query your editor via email with a synopsis, sample chapter, resume, and publishing history. A list of photographs or artwork is a plus.

Authors new to Schoolwide: Please adhere closely to the following guidelines. Submissions that fail to do so will likely not be read.

  1. Please go to to complete our Submissions Form and upload your manuscript.
  2. Send complete manuscripts in digital form only, as a Word document or a PDF.
  3. Name your file with your last name and the title of the work, using the following form as an example: SMYTHE_Britney Makes a Cake.
  4. Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced.
  5. Indicate the word count and target age range at the top of the first page of your manuscript.
  6. Include photos or illustrations only if you own the rights to that work as well. Photos or illustrations are not required.
  7. Nonfiction work should be based on current research from reputable sources. Please include a bibliography in MLA format.
  8. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, if identified. Please notify Schoolwide, Inc., as soon as possible if another publisher accepts the work.

What Happens Next
You should receive an immediate acknowledgment confirming receipt of your submission. Beyond this initial confirmation, we will respond to a submission only if we are interested in the work. Please refrain from calling, faxing, or emailing to inquire about the status of an unsolicited submission. If you do not hear from us within six months, you may assume that your work did not fit our needs, though we may keep your work on file for an extended period.

Thank you for your interest in Schoolwide, Inc.