Reading Fundamentals

Reading Fundamentals has a central mission to develop, expand, and enhance the skills, strategies, and tools students can use to make meaning of, and interact with, text. Reading Fundamentals Units of Study exist inside a balanced literacy framework. Within this framework, there are opportunities to read to students (mentor texts), to read with students (shared texts), and to have students read independently (books and other texts at their independent reading levels).

Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom Sitting Down

“The units of study include quality mentor texts, which make Schoolwide, Inc. products among the most teacher-friendly products available in the market as they reduce the amount of time it takes to plan and deliver quality lessons. The rubrics and checklists enable teachers to assess and evaluate student progress in multiple ways, providing specific information on skills mastered and those that need re-teaching.” (G. Stewart, Bilingual ESL Curriculum Specialist)



  • Anchor/Mentor Texts (5–6 mentor texts and 3–13 short shared texts)
  • Standards Alignment and Correlation Chart
  • Unit Introduction and Overview
  • Interactive Read-Aloud Lessons (8–10)
  • Mini-Lessons (6–12)
  • Transition to Independent Reading and Guided Practice
  • Conference Questions
  • Lesson Extensions
  • Appendices
  • Assessments (Formative & Summative)

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