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Celebrating Best Practices in Writing Instruction
Saturday, February 11, 2017
8:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

NEWESD 101 Conference Center
4202 S. Regal Street
Spokane, WA 99223


$75per attendee

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This workshop will demonstrate to teachers, literacy coaches, curriculum coordinators, team leaders, and administrators how Writing units of study are structured, the power of mentor texts, and the importance of having a classroom environment that supports students as independent writers. Additional foci will be on exploring the different text types, forms, and qualities of writing, as well as the varied assessment opportunities that are presented in the units.

Be inspired to foster a writing community that incorporates practice and process, emulates authors' craft decisions, and celebrates the growth and development of each individual writer. During our Writing workshop, presenters will discuss and/or model:

  • The importance of highlighting craft examples in writing immersion lessons;
  • How to guide students through the stages of the writing process;
  • Ways to collect data about students as readers and writers; and
  • Environmental supports that foster and enhance independent practice.
During the morning session, learn more about the importance of studying the mentor texts in Schoolwide's Writing Fundamentals units. Discuss how to read like a writer, noticing the decisions that authors and illustrators make. Learn how to conduct read-aloud lessons, thinking aloud and revealing to your students all of the writing possibilities that are modeled in the mentor texts. Study the text types, forms, and qualities of writing, considering how to engage students in ways that will help them be more independent. Learn more about using these qualities of writing as a focus for both whole-class and small-group instruction while teaching our units.

During the afternoon session, learn about the lesson structures and the pacing of our units. You will learn about assessment opportunities, and how you can use the analysis of student work as a springboard to inform future instruction, differentiate small-group writing instruction, and measure student growth. You will also get a glimpse into eVal, our digital writing assessment and analysis tool.

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8:00 am – Registration with complimentary coffee, tea, and juice

8:30 am – Morning Workshop

11:30 am – Complimentary Lunch

12:30 pm – Afternoon Workshop

2:30 pm – Workshop concludes