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Using Notebooks and Conferring in Reading and Writing Workshop
Friday, March 3, 2017
8:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

Courtyard Marriot LaGuardia Airport
90-10 Grand Central Parkway
East Elmhurst, NY 11369


$100per attendee

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Join us as we gather educators together to discuss the importance of using notebooks in both reading and writing workshop.

As Ilene introduces the Writer's Notebook, she will reference the work of Ralph Fletcher while highlighting how our units of study support the effective and efficient uses of the notebook as a tool to develop confident and thoughtful writers.

In her afternoon session, Ilene will present an overview on conferring as it relates to assessment, helping writers grow and reflect, as well as the different types of conferences teachers can participate in during their writing workshop.

As Erica introduces the Reading Notebook, she will talk about the organization of the notebook and how the different sections help to support students' "Writing and Thinking About Reading." Additional conversations will be presented about the complement of "talk" as connected to the notebook during reading workshop as well as the lessons in our units that support the use of the notebook to extend and deepen thinking and understanding of text.

In her afternoon session, Erica will present an overview of conferring as it relates to assessment, helping readers grow and reflect, as well as the different types of conferences teachers can participate in during reading workshop.

In the administrator session, you will discuss different ways school leaders can sustain and promote best literacy practices in all classrooms. You will also participate in collaborative discussions about how leaders may support teachers in effectively implementing required, grade-specific, standards-based curriculum goals while concurrently meeting students’ differentiated learning needs.

Additional foci will be on sharing research-based "essential factors" needed for school leaders to effect positive changes in their schools, how to encourage teachers to be data collectors in meaningful ways, and how you can actively participate in the process of data analysis.

Join other area administrators for a special lunch with Schoolwide Director of Eduction, Rory Cohen and Senior Program Developer, Eileen Hodrinsky. Preview Schoolwide's newest product, Fundamentals Unlimited, which focuses on integrating effective assessment and differentiated teaching and learning with Schoolwide's Fundamentals Units of Study.

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8:30 am – Registration with complimentary coffee, tea, and juice

8:45 am – Morning Workshop

11:45 am – Complimentary Lunch

12:30 pm – Afternoon Workshop

2:30 pm – Workshop concludes

1. Writer's Notebook (a.m.)
2. Conferring with Writers (p.m.)
1. Reading Notebook (a.m.)
2. Conferring with Readers (p.m.)

1. Admin Session – Sustaining Literacy Practices
and Supporting Teachers with
Data Collection and Analysis