Fundamentals Unlimited



Fundamentals Unlimited is a digital, mobile-friendly platform that provides educators unlimited access to all of Schoolwide’s evidence-based, standards-aligned, AND continually updated: Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Assessment resources for grades K–8.


“Openly licensed educational resources have enormous potential to increase access to high-quality education opportunities in the United States.”

Fundamentals Unlimited empowers teachers, specialists, and administrators with the flexibility to continually adapt and customize resources to meet the individual learning needs of their students.

  • Choose from over 150+ pre-built and proven-effective Reading, Writing, and Grammar Units of Study.
  • Customize pre-built units of study by adding, removing, or changing the sequence of lessons, appendices, and assessments.
  • Work with Schoolwide consultants to develop units of study from scratch.
  • Identify and/or develop specific resources to meet the needs of diverse learners, including Special Education, English Language Learners, or Gifted and Talented.
  • Create a personalized “My Library” of teaching resources.

“Traditional textbooks are perpetually outdated, forcing districts to re-invest significant portions of their budgets on replacing them. The terms of use of openly licensed educational resources allow educators to maintain the quality and relevance of their materials through continuous updates.”



“Switching to educational materials that are openly licensed enables schools to repurpose funding spent on textbooks for other pressing needs. . . . In some districts, replacing just one textbook has made tens of thousands of dollars available for other purposes.”

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