Pat Pollack

Pat Pollack is the Director of Professional Development, a Senior Product
Developer, and a Content Editor at Schoolwide, Inc. Pat was an elementary
classroom teacher for over 19 years. From there she began a career as an
administrator, holding several different titles, such as Assistant Principal,
Principal, and Director of Curriculum, in various districts in New York and
New Jersey.

Throughout her educational career, Pat has presented regularly at Board
of Education meetings, teacher staff development sessions, and local as
well as regional and national conferences. Because of her dedication to
education, Pat received the Jenkins Lifetime Achievement Award for a
Distinguished Educator/Community member.

Pat holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education/
Psychology from SUNY Oswego, a Master of Science degree in Reading
and Literacy from St. Thomas Aquinas College, and a Certificate of
Advanced Study in School Administration and Supervision from SUNY
New Paltz.

If you ask Pat why she decided to become a teacher, she will tell you
she had an inspirational grade school teacher and realized what a gift it
was to be able to work with children. The four things that Pat loves most
about teaching are the interactions between the children, the wonder in
their eyes, the connections educators make with children, and watching
students learn and grow. What Pat loves most about working at
Schoolwide is the learning that comes with preparing for different school
settings, traveling to different locations in the U.S., and having the chance
to learn about different educational systems. She also enjoys the
interactions with her colleagues, the laughs they share, and the great
sense of innovation and opportunity that pervades the company. When
she is not leading professional development workshops or creating
materials for Schoolwide, Pat truly enjoys cooking, spending time with
family, walking, reading, and watching sports.

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